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"The problem is not the problem, the problem is the story you are telling yourself about the problem."

~ Tyler Oxford

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In working with me I will train you to approach challenges and problematic people in ways that allow you to stay productive, becoming more successful in your professional endeavors.

Challenges You Face

  • You feel disheartened because you have not obtained the level of success you hoped for by now.

  • Colleagues, co-workers, or clients distract you from being fully productive.

  • Issues in your personal life distract you from being fully engaged at work.

  • Achieving a healthy work-life balance feels impossible.

With Me As Your Coach You Will

  • Create meaningful goals that inspire you to accomplish more at work.

  • Learn to deal with distractions and annoying people with ease and grace so you stay focussed and productive; even when it's uncomfortable.

  • Learn to communicate with colleagues and clients in a more efficient manner.


  • Create a clear vision of what success looks like in your professional life.

  • Learn a skill set that enables you to stay engaged with any goal, producing the results you want.

  • Learn to set aside distractions in a healthy way so you remain productive when life’s unavoidable dramas come your way. 

  • Transition from struggling with work-life balance to creating a healthy work-life rhythm.

Schedule a Discovery Session now to see if

Business Coaching is a Good Investment for You.


More about Business Coaching with Tyler

Using a myriad of tools I work with entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and team leaders to create a personalized coaching program for every client. I train my clients to collaborate successfully with colleagues and clients they may not enjoy working with, along with teaching my clients to relate to life’s unexpected dramas with grace and ease, enabling them to continue being productive at work while dealing with life's inevitable dramas. 

While the focus of work in my clients' professional lives is very goals oriented and results driven, I also support my clients in creating a healthy work-life rhythm so when the work day is complete they are fully present with their family and friends, insuring they thoroughly enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Of the utmost importance to me is I only work with people who clearly see the benefits of Business Coaching in their lives, and are excited about the possibility of partnering with me as their coach. Once clear on this, before I offer to take someone on as a client, I must be excited about what they are up to in life, along with our personalities being a good fit. Otherwise I will suggest a prospective client pursue another avenue of professional development or refer them to a coaching colleague I think may be a better fit. For me it's not about the money or filling my schedule. Before partnering with someone as their Business Coach I need to be at least as excited about their vision of success as they are about the possibilities hiring me offers them.


Tyler helps you recognize and articulate your own truth and self through an active coaching model that holds you accountable for your growth. Using a methodology that is consistent yet flexible, he is focused on clarifying your specific needs. He brings humor, compassion, and a joyful disposition to each session, using a depth of resources to support you in achieving your goals. Tyler has encouraged me to focus on what is most important to me in my life and career, helping me see new opportunities, then supporting me to make big changes with ease and grace. If you are ready to buckle down and improve your life, I would highly recommend hiring Tyler to help guide you on your journey.

~ Karen Gravel, partner at Lord, Aeck, Sargent Architecture


When I first began working with Tyler, I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t even sure I needed coaching. Eight months later, I couldn’t be happier to admit I was totally wrong. The insight and perspective I’ve gained pays dividends every single day. Tyler’s skills as a coach have helped to radically change the way I approach both my professional and personal life. Tyler’s humor and empathy have made our meetings a highlight and though I am going to miss them, I am moving forward with much greater intention and confidence.

~ Jacob Shilling, Business Operations Manager @ Starline Supply

I worked with Tyler for a year and during that time I learned a new way of looking at the world. Everything that is holding you back is in your head. Tyler helped me sort through those things and surpass them. He's funny, smart, and caring, which made our working together very enjoyable. I highly recommend hiring Tyler to anyone looking to make a jump into the next level in life. Coaching with Tyler is like acupuncture for my brain.

~ John Henry Martin, Napa Valley Real Estate Broker & Property Manager


I decided to hire Tyler as my coach because I was struggling to finish one of my life long goals—writing a book. It was a great decision! Tyler helped me prioritize my time and focus my energy on the most important tasks each week. I also love how he incorporated humor into every coaching session. I am happy to say my book was published, and I am now an international best-selling author. Thank you Tyler! 

~ Joe McCullough, Cabrillo College Physics Chair

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